Welcome to Knucklehead Aviation.

This site is a foray into the artistic side of Flight Simulation and my dabbles into digital art.

You will find many screenshots and some downloadable repaints on the downloads page.

This site is dedicated to the wonderful world of Flight Simulation for those who also may enjoy the hobby.

All material on this site, less commercial copyrights associated with commercial products included within, is copyrighted to Knucklehead Aviation and cannot be used without consent.

5 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. I have only done a little bit of modelling. My work is mostly in textures and such. A2A did not model the interior past the crew cabin, so it would be impossible at this point. Thanks for asking though.

  1. Dear Sir, I just wanted to thank you for the repaints you share with the community, there is a lot of great repainters but above all of them and with a huge difference you shine like a star!! The work you do in your VCs is stunning and in combination with your outside liveries….AMAZING! I came across a really beautiful website with a V tail and looking at such fantastic plane i thought the only person that could do something similar for the virtual skies was you, so i though about sharing in case you like it and decide to go for it :-D. the link is this https://www.flyperformance.com/aircraft/1979-beech-v35b-n10bv/#gallery , and even if you dont end up doing it I reckon you will like looking at that beautiful planes detailed pictures. I wish you the best. and thank you again!!

      1. dear sir, I joined the a2a forum today and I cant send pms yet 😀 I added you as a friend there but i have no idea how that works, i am not that good with forums not knowing what to do haha. Anyway, my name there is maxi, but if you end up making them i will see them cause i really follow your work . Hope you have a wonderful day!Thanks!!

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